1. They forgot to mention that christians must believe jesus is also god. You
    see, muslims also believe in jesus. the difference in their belief however,
    is that muslims believe jesus cannot be god.

  2. To everyone else who happens to stumble across my comment, I’ve scrolled
    down (Yeah, what was I thinking?? terrifying :P) and read quite a few of
    the comments on here. What have I concluded? Well, We all have a right to
    believe in whatever we feel is right for us to believe in, however
    logically bound within the laws of non contradiction and logic, there can
    only be one statement of fact, one absolute truth about existence. So what
    is the truth and who has it? The first starting point which is good to
    begin at is the Conscience. It always convicts and tells us when we are in
    danger or when we are doing something bad or sinful. I believe that the
    Conscience is God-given to inform us that we are in need of salvation.
    Christianity is unique among all other philosophies, sciences, world views,
    cultures and religions because it states that there is nothing we can do to
    earn merit, it has already been paid for to us on the Cross at Calvary, we
    can either accept it or reject it. Ultimately, it is up to you, whether you
    believe it or not, you do have a free will and you can be sensible with
    that free will or you can waste it, up to you again like I’ve said before.
    This is my first video of yours that I have watched Jon Oleksiuk!, keep up
    the great work. God bless :-)

  3. Actually one thing is wrong that Jesus (peace be upon him) is not the son
    of god,but he was just born from his mother without any men touching her,
    god made Mariah pregnant so god shows that he could do anything he wants

  4. You made one mistake about 20 seconds into the video. Judeo-Christian
    scriptures state there is only one “true God”, not just one God.
    This is basically because at the time of writing, the majority of people
    were polytheistic. Saying that although all these gods do exist, they are
    sub-ordinate to this one true, all powerful God, is a much smoother
    transition when you are trying to control the schools of thought of large
    groups of people, such is the original purpose of religion. Eventually,
    they could weed out the existence of other gods.
    Just thought that was worth mentioning.

  5. Oh wow, I felt like crying while watching this. So STUPID! People actually
    believe this shit? Believe in a god, an intelligent designing force, by all
    means. But the Christian god is clearly bullshit. You owe it to yourself to
    ask, whatever necessities you ascribe to god in your life, do you REALLY
    need the Christian god, and the Christian god SPECIFICALLY, to explain

  6. and since then, we tell little, pure, innocent children,
    that they are sinners on their way to burn in hell, unless….

  7. I cant understand how so many people believe all this crap…humans have
    yet a long way to become intelligent creatures.

  8. Why waste your life believing that there will be a better life afterwards,
    when you can just live your life to the fullest because you understand it’s
    the only life you’ve got?

    Christians are free to waste their life on storybooks, magic & heavens, but
    I’m glad that the number of christians are steadily decreasing. Fewer and
    fewer are being brainwashed by the stories, and more people start thinking
    for themselves. Finally atheism is skyrocketing, and it will not be too
    many years until atheism is a majority.

  9. Christianity on My believe is God come to this world as Human with body and
    ( Jesus) , There is nothing impossible to GOD, So simple

  10. I’m a follower of Christ, (aka a Christian.) I’m happy believing in God.
    And I don’t go out of my way to ridicule Atheist. On the other hand, I see
    the Atheist the opposite way. They go out of their path to ridicule anyone
    who believes in God. I’m happy being a believer in God. Ask yourself, are
    you truly happy? (John 3:16)

  11. Wait I’m Hindu. So does that mean I go to hell? I don’t hate Jesus I just
    don’t pray to him. Does that Mean all Jews,Buddhist,Atheist,Hindus, and
    Muslim people will go to hell? 

  12. I talked to a pastor,who is Christian, by the name of Jasper. I had a
    dream about the antichrist ( long story )and Jasper explained the
    antichrist has already been defeated. Can a Christian please verify this
    with a Book, Chapter, and Verse please ? God bless all God’s people.

  13. What Christianity is not!
    1. Jesus never claimed divinity.
    2. Jesus never said that he was god or to worship him.
    3. Unfortunately, the Christians cannot prove that Jesus was god, the son
    of god, or the holy spirit from the bible.

  14. Again, in Revelations 22:16 Jesus states: “I am the root and offspring of
    David, and the bright and morning star”. What is the definition of Lucifer?
    “Morning star”.

  15. Believe in him without question and you will receive eternal salvation

    but defy him, and face eternal damnation…

    So in other words, without any evidence, believe what I have to say, or you
    will face the consequences. judging by that logic, whether there’s evidence
    to back up a claim or not, you better just believe it, because it’s not
    worth the risk of eternal damnation.

    Btw, god told me that we all have to stop driving cars because it’s killing
    the earth he’s created for us. He said those who don’t will face eternal
    damnation. Better get those things to the scrap yard. You wouldn’t want to
    question god would you???

  16. Wait, does the bible teach that we go to hell or heaven or does it teach
    that we have eternal life or eternal death? If eternal life or eternal
    death, wouldn’t both of these reunite you with God, considering he is non
    physical? Unless God works like numbers: negative, positive, and zero,
    where God is all negative (nonphysical) numbers and you can make a positive
    (physical) number from only negative numbers (like multiplying -2 by -2 =
    4), then maybe with eternal death you would be equal to zero? And with
    eternal life only God can make a negative from only positive numbers??? Or
    maybe it works in the imaginary number way (square root of -1) and God is
    the imaginary number (i)?

    I feel like if the biblical God is existant, then it is THE
    mathematician…. Which sounds insane….. But so does Christianity, so I
    had to make a crazy theory lol

  17. Turning water into wine breaks the accepted laws of physics. A 6000 year
    old earth as posited by genealogy timelines in the bible breaks the laws of
    geology and biology. Archaeologists largely agree there probably was never
    a Tower of Babel. Common sense is broken by almost every biblical myth

  18. Isalm.Jew n Christianity are one religion that their folowers have sparated
    them from each other first was jew then christianity came and then islam
    that they have completed each other .quran says that if u dont research
    about ur religion(specially in this world)ure reponsible for that n if u
    found the most complete religion and didnt follow that u will go to hell
    even musils are in danger because they dont know theirs too.

  19. Saying that there is no God Dosnt escape the possibility that there might
    be one. I believe that jesus is the one and only true lord. The alpha and
    omega, the first and last, and apart from him there is no life. He is the
    spring of living water and yet people dig up old wells to try to fulfill
    they’re lives, but none will satisfy, none will save except for the king of
    Nazareth, the living God jesus the messiah.

  20. Here’s the Urban Definition of Christianity:

    The belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you
    live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him
    you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your
    soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a
    talking snake to eat from a magical tree.

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