1. What on earth is pre-catholic Christianity?? I am orthodox not RC but the
    term pre-catholic Christianity seems unthinkable. What does this
    terminology mean?

  2. Catholicism (and catholicism) took centuries to develop and whether we use
    the terms pre-catholic or Ante-Nicene or the Church Fathers, they all refer
    to the time period preceding Constantine.

  3. it is done :-) Lutheranism is the most radical thing because it is simply
    done. Now if Lutherans only knew it.

  4. Make sure you tell them you are a branch of Catholic… Services are not
    much different. Just, Lutherans don’t pray and worship Mary, Lutherans
    don’t confess as in form of Catholic Confession.

    Lutherans do share many of the same traits as Catholics such as “Infant
    Baptism” *which by the way, has no Biblical support* Communion, *Just
    Catholics call it by another name*.

    You both use Catholic version Bibles… although different, but yet very
    much the same. *Missing Several Verses*, removing several key words that
    define important aspects of the scriptures.

    Martin Luther (Founder of Lutheran Church beliefs) didn’t want to CHANGE
    Catholics completely, but reform them to remove some of the traits and/or
    “TRADITIONS” they held *as mentioned earlier, worshiping Mary etc…*
    Other than that, many of the same “traditions” can still be found in the
    Lutheran church. Catholics who go to a Lutheran church may feel right at
    home for they preach the same “Divine Services” over and over, and over,
    and over. You know, the “long lengthy prayers as the heathens do” the
    Bible warns us about.

    Oh, and Mystery Babylon in the Book of Revelation(chapter 2 and chapter
    17), perfectly matches the Roman Catholic Church. And those who fornicate
    with her.

    Good luck, and God Bless

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